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Concrete Driveway in West Jordan

May 14

A driveway is an integral component of any home.

Your guests will see it when you invite them over, so keep it in good condition so the entire property complements it.

Leilani Concrete and Landscape proudly offer concrete driveway services to residents of West Jordan, Utah, with several options for driveway installation or repair services. Our experienced concrete contractors specialize in concrete, paving, and asphalt driveway installations and repairs, so we can be trusted to do the job correctly.

As every home is different, we understand the need for tailor-made solutions is paramount. That is why we offer an extensive list of services and free consultations to assist with finding a suitable one for you. 


Asphalt Driveways in Utah

Asphalt is one of the options for driveways as it is durable and has low maintenance requirements. Asphalt is often less expensive than alternative materials and could last 20+ years with proper upkeep.

Our team will install an asphalt driveway in West Jordan with great pleasure.

Our asphalt sealing services also specialize in protecting your drive from weather elements for an extended lifespan. Asphalt sealing will protect it from exposure while prolonging its longevity.


West Jordan Utah Concrete Driveways

Concrete driveways are another affordable and low-maintenance choice that is great for driveways. Proper care of concrete can extend its life up to thirty years! Plus, concrete provides an affordable alternative to other materials used.

Concrete driveways in West Jordan, UT, are popular choices because they can withstand heavy traffic without being affected by weathering. Trust us to pour and finish them according to your specifications.

Our contractors possess an array of skills and knowledge, making us your go-to choice when installing driveways in both homes and commercial properties. Let us find you a solution tailored specifically to meet your needs - contact us now for more details!

Installing concrete driveways in West Jordan will be our pleasure, and you will receive a maintenance plan to keep it looking its best.


Installation Process of a Concrete Driveway

Installing a new concrete driveway can be complicated, but our team has all the skills and experience necessary to complete it successfully. When you hire our Leilani Concrete and Landscape concrete contractors for this task, expect the following:

  • Consultation- We meet with our clients to assess their individual needs and address any of their queries or concerns.
  • Site Preparation- We will begin by clearing away debris, grading the surface and compacting soil before installing our products.
  • Concrete Pouring Services - Our concrete pouring experts will pour and finish it to meet the specifications you provide.
  • Curing Concrete - Prior to use, concrete must be allowed to cure for at least 24 hours prior to being utilized.

Installing a concrete driveway can be an investment. We offer free consultations in West Jordan and in surrounding communities to help our clients make informed decisions that best suit their situations. 


West Jordan Driveway Contractors

We take great pride in being the premier West Jordan concrete driveway contractor. Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals that strive to deliver excellent service. Free consultations are also offered so we can assist in making an informed decision regarding which path is right for your driveway needs.

Are you in search of a trustworthy business to handle your driveway project? Look no further - contact us now to receive your free quote!

Priority is placed on customer satisfaction. We look forward to working together and look forward to the challenge and satisfaction it can bring.

Trust our experts to keep your driveway in excellent condition with regular maintenance services such as seal coatings. Get in touch now to discover more!

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