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What Type of Epoxy Flooring is Best for Restaurants?

Nov 28

Tennant Coatings' epoxy flooring

Whether you're looking for a high-performance flooring for your restaurant or are simply looking for a durable floor covering for your kitchen, epoxy flooring is the best for restaurants. This durable flooring option is easy to clean, has low maintenance and a long useful life. Tennant Coatings' resinous flooring solutions provide a durable, long-lasting floor covering that's sure to please.

In addition to providing a durable floor covering, Tennant's epoxy flooring solutions offer added protection for high-traffic areas. These coatings provide a protective layer on concrete floors, so they can withstand the daily wear and tear that is common in commercial settings.

Tennant Coatings' epoxy flooring systems can meet a variety of needs for a commercial kitchen or restaurant. They can be applied to kitchens, restrooms, aisleways, beverage stations, coolers, freezers, and more. They are also suitable for stairwells and warehouses.

Restaurants and bars rely on atmosphere to create an inviting, memorable experience. To set the right mood, the right flooring is vital. The concrete flooring solutions and systems from Tennant Coatings are easy to clean and maintain. They also offer custom colours and patterns.

Besides being a durable floor covering, restaurants and bars require a floor coating that is both beautiful and functional. Moreover, it should enhance the restaurant's uniqueness.

Vinyl flooring

Luxury vinyl flooring is an excellent option for restaurants because it offers a versatile look that is durable enough to stand up to heavy foot traffic. This material is also easy to clean and buffer. This is a necessity in a restaurant setting, where spills, dirt, and everyday wear are commonplace.

Luxury vinyl comes in a variety of colours and textures to match any aesthetic. Choose a lighter colour for the walls to make the room appear larger, while a dark colour for the floor will provide an interesting contrast. You can choose a combination of different colours to create a stunning effect. In addition, luxury vinyl is soft on the joints and reduces echoes.

Concrete flooring is also a popular choice for restaurants. Its durability makes it an excellent option for any space. It does not require much maintenance, and it can look great in any room of the restaurant. In fact, many clients choose to install it throughout their space. It is easy to clean and can be a great choice for restaurants that are looking for a casual yet stylish flooring solution.

Choosing the best flooring for your restaurant is important for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Make sure to consider your budget when making your choice. The flooring should be able to stand up to foot traffic and still be visually appealing and durable for a long time.

Polished concrete

In restaurants, safety is of utmost importance, so it is vital to choose flooring that is slip-resistant. The American National Standards Institute has established guidelines for a high-traction flooring material, and polished concrete floors exceed these standards. They also fall within the "conditionally slip-resistant" range of both the ADA and OSHA.

Epoxy flooring is an ideal choice for back-of-the-house operations, as it is highly durable. It is also seven times stronger than conventional concrete. It is water and dust-resistant, making it a good choice for heavy foot-traffic areas. Additionally, it will retain its appearance and feel comfortable underfoot.

Besides being extremely durable, polished concrete epoxy flooring is also easy to clean and maintain. It can give a restaurant a distinctive look. Additionally, poured concrete surfaces can be dyed or stained to match the decor. The end result is a beautiful, functional, and easy-to-maintain flooring that will be perfect for restaurants.

Epoxy flooring is also highly decorative. The choice of patterns and colours is virtually limitless. Restaurants can use different floors for different areas. For example, the bar area might be separate from the rest of the restaurant area. The bar area is likely to contain spilled drinks and may also be exposed to harsh cleaning products.

Another benefit of polished concrete flooring for restaurants is that it requires minimal maintenance. Unlike carpeted floors, restaurants will only need professional maintenance every two years. Food and grease spills and harsh cleaning chemicals can ruin the floors.