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What is the best material to backfill a retaining wall?

Oct 9


Backfill is the gravel and dirt behind your retaining walls that provide drainage and water redirection. Backfill is an essential feature of retaining walls as it prevents water pooling and drainage problems behind your wall.


Retaining walls that are not adequately drained or filled with enough backfill are two of the most common reasons they fail. It is essential to ensure that your retaining walls have sufficient backfill. Read on for more information on how to backfill a retention wall today.

How to properly backfill a retaining wall

You must ensure that the backfill in your retaining walls is sufficient to provide a solid foundation. Here are the steps to backfill a retaining wall correctly. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our retaining wall repair Pittsburgh

How to Backfill A Retaining Wall

  1. Place your base of compacted native earth (about 3 inches deep).
  2. To ensure the soil is firm and secure, tamp it.
  3. The following six to twelve inches should be filled with gravel or aggregate.
  4. To ensure a strong base, tamp the aggregate or stone.
  5. To allow grass and plant growth around your retaining walls' base, fill the six inches remaining with compacted native soil.

What should you use to backfill a retaining wall?

Backfill is best made from native soil, which serves as the base and top. Gravel or aggregate forms the backfill body in between the native soil.

These materials are not enough. To create a backfill, you will need the following tools:

  • Shovel
  • Gloves
  • Protective eyewear
  • Tamper

What is the importance of backfilling a retaining wall?

For retaining walls to drain well, you must have adequate backfill. Water cannot pass through most walls.

Insufficient backfill can cause poor drainage and a warped wall. This could create unsightly bulges, cracks, or hydrostatic pressure, leading to the wall falling apart.

Installing a quality backfill will ensure your retaining wall lasts. You don't need to hire someone to do the backfilling for your retaining wall.

Do you need help backfilling your retaining wall?

Properly backfilling a wall can make it last longer and be more stable. Failure to properly backfill a retaining Wall is the number one reason retaining walls fall apart. Retaining wall repair Pittsburgh can help you backfill or fix a retaining wall's backfill. Give us a call today. 


Our team of experts retaining walls will take care of all your backfilling requirements so you can be confident in the integrity and strength of your wall. Our team of professionals has been serving Pittsburgh homeowners. Our Steadfast Custom Construction company is trusted and takes pride in adding beauty to each landscape.