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How can you increase the stability of retaining walls?

Oct 9


You have two options for building retaining walls: hire a professional retaining wall contractor, or go DIY. The strength and design of a contractor who builds retaining walls might not be as good for DIY. It is challenging to construct a retaining wall that will withstand time. Many factors could potentially impact the structural aspects.


Bad construction can lead to many problems over time, increasing maintenance costs for retaining walls repair Pittsburgh. Here are some common factors that can adversely impact the stability of retaining walls:


Foundation settlement is the primary factor that influences retaining walls. The soil below could be pushed down or submerged by the weight of the retaining walls. Poor drainage or foundational mistakes during construction could cause the structure to shift or shrink. The division will eventually fall apart due to this. 


These problems can be fixed by pushing the wall upright or excavating it, as long as there are no cracks. It is recommended that homeowners hire professional contractors Pittsburgh to assess the condition of their retaining walls before beginning any repairs. This could be dangerous for the homeowner. Contractors who maintain walls oversee construction, including installing soil anchors to support the structure and drainage channels to prevent water pooling in backfills.


Cracks are the number one concern homeowners have about retaining walls' structure. Concrete can crack and dry out from improper drainage or foundational mistakes. Expandable masonry caulk can fill hairline cracks, but keeping wall contractors should be hired if the cracks become large enough to cause collapse.

Improper Reinforcement

Rebar or reinforcement bars are essential to building a concrete retaining wall. This provides strength, as the structure will split at the corners if it is not adequately reinforced. It is possible to prevent this by hiring retaining wall contractors. They will ensure that every step of construction, from design to completion, is done correctly.