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National Library of Australia

Aug 17

About National Library of Australia

The mission of the National Library, as defined by 1960's library act ,is to ensure that important documents relating to Australia and its people are collected. These can be found through either internal or collaborative arrangements with other libraries/information providers. 
In addition, they have a responsibility for preserving "documentary resources", which include significant non-Australian material too!

The National Library of Australia or NLA for short, is a library that was established to house all types and forms of printed material chronicling Aussie history. The building itself has been around since vestigial days- becoming an important resource in Australian culture as we know it today with its vast cataloguing system, which includes books from every era imaginable!

The Australian national curriculum is a statement of creative and intellectual wanting in our country. By offering this scope, we aim to support learning throughout Australia by collaborating with others who share these goals; it also helps keep cultural diversity alive for future generations!


What to do at National Library of Australia

The Australian library is a treasure trove for all things Aussie. You can find books, newspapers and maps that document our history as well as music to listen too or pictures from everyday life here in Australia! The library is a place where people can go to find any book they need. It has extensive collections of general interest, as well as rare books and materials from other parts of the world that are not found anywhere else in Australia or on Earth, for that matter!

Whether you're a culture lover looking to visit an exhibition or need something from our Bookshop - plan your trip today! The galleries and NLA's Publishing House are open seven days per week, 9 am-5 pm.

The National Library is a place where you can find peace and quiet or explore our collections of bookshelves with floors that creak like stairs as they lead up to the second story. They have both main reading rooms for those looking to get lost in their imagination on any given day; but also want access 24/7 if need be! The Friends lounge offers comfortable seating.

The library

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