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The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

Jul 22

About The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

The Art Gallery of Western Australia is a place where you can find some amazing art from all over the world. The building has an impressive collection and houses more than just paintings, they have sculptures too!

The Art Gallery of Western Australia, founded in 1895 and occupying a precinct with three heritage buildings on the south-eastern corner of Perth's Cultural Centre, has one if not the world’s finest collections of indigenous art. It houses State Artist Collection, which includes preeminent WA paintings and other Australian & International genres, showcasing their excellence through the years' worth!

The AGWA Gallery is an internationally renowned art museum that thrives on proximity and access to many cultures around the world. The fact that they are located in such a unique geographic position allows them a great opportunity for programming, exhibitions or even collections with diverse themes like Australian culture!


What to do in The Art Gallery of Western Australia | AGWA

Visit the AGWA to see some of Australia's best artwork, all in one place. Housed within an aesthetically pleasing building designed by internationally acclaimed architect Charles Sierakowski and with a collection that includes pieces by both Western Australian artists and those from other parts o Queensland - you'll be able explore this stunning gallery at your leisure!

The rooftop of the AGWA building is a great space. It has one of the largest spaces in WA, with open-air sculpture walks and on-site venues for events! You can even enjoy Perth's incredible city skyline from up there while enjoying your drink or eating food at our bar - what more could you want?

The AGWA rooftop has one of the largest spaces in Western Australia, with an open-air sculpture walk and bar space to enjoy Perth's incredible city skyline from its highest point. The new development also includes 34 meters worth of artwork by artist Christopher Pease that was commissioned as part of this project - you can see it all around! Alongside these amazing features are WA’s oldest buildings.

The art gallery

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