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Jun 3

At Evansville Concrete Contractors Co, we offer an up-to-date driveway service to ensure that your property's strength and durable. It will also look the way you want it to look, in a manner that will last! With extensive experience on various types of driveways that we work on, our services are suitable for both residential and commercial property and are suitable for any point, right from the initial installation all the way through to replacements and repairs!

Why Choose Concrete for Driveway?

Concrete is the most suitable material to build your dream driveway using. Not just available in a drab, flat aesthetic You can reap the many advantages that concrete offers, whilst choosing an appearance you enjoy! By using staining, stamping, and painting, we can achieve any finish you like, including the replication of other materials such as natural stone, and more! For a price that is affordable, concrete promises strength, longevity, and durability. It is also easy to repair if damage occurs, keeping your investment solid for many years longer as opposed to other materials. For an affordable way to get the home that you want be sure to get in touch with us to learn more!

Benefits of Concrete Driveways

Concrete for driveways offers many advantages. It's no wonder it has become the top choice for homeowners and contractors alike. One of the biggest benefits of opting for concrete driveways include:

Durable and Long-Lasting

When installed properly, a concrete driveways can last for decades , perhaps an entire lifetime. Concrete has remarkable qualities that are not present in other costlier construction materials such as bricks, stone, and tiles. Made up of portland cement along with sand, gravel and water, concrete is durable enough to stand up to the endurance test of time. With their high-quality concrete driveways are built to withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. Also, it is less prone to wear and tear as in comparison to asphalt driveways.

Low Maintenance

One of the advantages of concrete driveways is the fact that it requires very little maintenance. Concrete surfaces can be kept such as driveways clean by sweeping the dirt, or by washing it off using water. Concrete slabs can be very durable and would hardly require repairs. Of course, this is if you have it installed by experienced concrete contractors similar to us from Evansville Concrete Contractors Co.

Curb Appeal

A concrete driveway can be used for purpose. It is a bridge that separates your garage from the street. In some instances it is used as an extra parking space for your property. In addition to being an integral part of your property, concrete driveways can add to the curb appeal. While some prefer the basic gray concrete finish while others can make their driveways extra by adding color, design, or texture them.

Different Aesthetics

A concrete driveway not only offers you the most ideal practical qualities. It also gives you the option of selecting the perfect design, creating the perfect first impression for your home or commercial property that you want. Our selection of options include painted concrete and concrete stain, which give the possibility to play with the texture and color of the concrete surface. We also provide concrete blocks and poured concrete , which can create different surfaces. Furthermore, our stamped concrete service allows you to replicate other materials including wood, tiles natural stone, numerous other materials.


In contrast to bricks, tile, wood, and tile concrete is an affordable option. Concrete driveways on the United States costs from $2 to $15 per square foot. Since concrete driveways require little maintenance, you can save money in the years to come. Therefore, it is more affordable compared to other driveway options available on the market.

Concrete Driveway Services We Offer

Evansville Concrete Contractors Co. is a renowned concrete contractor located in Evansville, Indiana. The company is well-known for concrete driveways that are sturdy and last for many years. We are proud to say we are the top driveway contractors who have great expertise and many years of experience in the industry. In the event of your next driveway projects We offer some of the services listed below:

Concrete Driveway Installation Services

As the experts in concrete here from Evansville, IN, we are the team you can count on for a great new driveway for your home. Working with meticulous attention to detail, we treat every property as a unique project. Our experienced team will design and construct the driveway to match your specific site perfectly. Working with the finest materials we'll prepare your land with exceptional good-quality foundations prior to using the concrete mixer to make the needed material. Concrete is then laid. After that, a concrete sealant will be applied to ensure durability. Any decorative details can be added based on your preference as well.

For a more complete explanation For more thoroughness, here's our step by step concrete driveway installation process:

Step 1: Project Site Assessment

One of the reasons why we perform site assessments is to determine the soil's condition on the site. It is essential to recognize that there are types of soils that are problematic and require special attention.

Step 2: Excavation and Preparation

In order to prepare the area for driveway construction, we excavate to a certain depth. Once that's done, we move on with the markings and forms which are vital to following the steps.

Step 3: Pouring of Concrete

We pour concrete very delicately. By doing so, we keep away from creating air pockets which is essential to the overall high-quality of the concrete driveway.

Step 4: Curing of Wet Concrete and Staining (Optional)

According to the preferences of the client or the style that the design of your driveway is, we will apply staining or stamping during this process. The curing process lasts at minimum 48 hours. But it takes 28 days for the concrete to cure fully.

Step 5: Sealing of Concrete

To prolong the life of the concrete and safeguard it from damage, staining, or corrosion we apply concrete sealants. We only use top cement sealers of the highest quality to give you top quality results.

Concrete Driveway Repair and Replacement Services

A concrete driveway will last you for many decades. It is able to withstand a huge amount of strain and strain. So, it is plausible that some time in the span of its life, your current driveway will require repairs. As the experts in the area in concrete repairs of all kinds and maintenance, we offer a swift, reliable and suitable service that can fix your driveway within a matter of minutes! Call us, and we'll be delighted to send out an employee from our team at a time that works for you. Our team will then inspect the problem and make an appropriate repair that lasts by restoring durability and aesthetics!

Why Hire Us

There are many concrete driveway builders in the area But why do you need to choose Evansville Concrete Contractors Co? Let us discuss with you some of the major benefits of hiring us to complete your next concrete driveway.

Licensed and Reliable

Evansville Concrete Contractors Co is a registered concrete company. We operate from Evansville, IN, and its adjacent areas. We have been in the concrete business for a long time. Thus, making us one of the more reliable and sought-after driveway contractors in the region. We care about our clients so as to respond to all issues whenever possible. We're there with you all the way all the way from working on building permits to turning over the driveway.

Efficient Driveway Installation Process

To make sure that the driveway will last for many years it is essential to follow a stringent procedure for installation. The process of installing a concrete driveway includes excavation and site preparation including pouring concrete, decorating or stamping, curing and sealing. We make sure the concrete we pour is properly mixed and installed to avoid fractures and damage during and after the project. To ensure that the driveway is of high-quality we conduct an assurance of quality prior to turnover.

Top Quality Materials

We don't compromise the quality and quality of work. That's the last thing that we want ever to happen. So, we're happy to boast that our concrete mixture is made of only the highest quality of materials. We source our concrete materials from the most trusted manufacturers and suppliers in the industry. So, you can be sure that we have earned your money's worth.

Decorative Driveway

There's absolutely nothing wrong with choosing an unadorned concrete surface. However, if you'd like to make your driveway more than just a regular driveway, we can provide decorative concrete driveway services. More popularly known in the form of stamped concrete driveway is ideal for homeowners looking to add texture, color or pattern to their concrete driveway finish. If you'd like it to be more customized, we provide an option of customizing the design for the entire driveway.

Affordable Concrete Driveway Services

Our company provides the most competitive cost for concrete driveways. We are working hard every day to remain ahead of the game and ensure that we provide the most affordable rates for our driveway services. Quality driveway repairs and installations at a very reasonable cost. What else can you expect? We will certainly give what our clients require and desire.

Free Cost Estimate and Consultation

We hope to offer the best customer service possible, we offer free service to new and potential customers. Our expert team of concrete estimators is available to provide you with accurate and non-binding quotations. Meanwhile, if you have doubts about our services or would like to talk with us regarding a concrete driveway construction project, our driveway experts are more than willing to respond to your queries.

Contact Us

If you are building your own driveway, you must to partner with experts in concrete. If you're looking for concrete that lasts a lifetime. Although there are numerous options available, Evansville Concrete Contractors Co Evansville Concrete Contractors Co have everything you're looking for. We offer the highest quality concrete driveways throughout Evansville, IN. Evansville, IN area at the lowest prices.

If you are considering a concrete driveway installation, contact us now or send us an email through our contact form. Our customer representatives are accessible during normal business hours for enquiries and booking needs.

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