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What should my Builder do during the Architectural Design Phase?

Feb 8

What should my Builder do during the Architectural Design Phase?

Our experience shows that homeowners approach the custom-homebuilding process in one way or another.

  • Step 1:Design their home with an architectural firm and then wait until they are ready to hire a builder.

  • Path 2: Establish a trusted team consisting of an architect, builder, and interior designer during the START of architectural design.

People start this journey thinking that Path 1 would be the right path. The first step is to design your home. Next, you will need to price it and make the final selections. Finally, you will build it. This is a good way to get started if you don't have any experience with the process. Many homeowners end up disappointed when they follow this path.

Do you want to hire an architect or a builder? Find out more.

Path 1 can at best delay construction because homeowners rush to make the design selections. Then, they need to update their engineering and architectural plans to reflect the selections. After waiting for detailed construction estimates from builders, the next step is to get permits, approvals, site preparation, and finally, permit and approvals.

The worst-case scenario is when the homeowner discovers the house the architect designed cannot be built to their budget. This leads to expensive architectural revisions, or to the homeowner having to cancel their dream home.

Over our 30 years of experience as custom new home builders in Texas, we have seen these situations happen many times. Path 2 is the preferred path for homeowners who are more knowledgeable about custom home building and are ready to take the first steps.

To assemble their dream team, they are listening to the advice of all involved. This allows for the smoothest, most efficient way to begin construction.

With this in mind, the following are some things your custom builder should do DURING architectural design:

  • Collaboration with your architect/interior designer
  • Keeping plan development on schedule
  • Based on their unique homebuilding experience, we offer design ideas that are truly original
  • Following your early home design concepts, you will need to prepare a preliminary estimate
  • Provide valuable insights and expertise in construction
  • Offers cost-saving and value-engineering options
  • High-Performance Home specifications
  • Reduce potential problems with constructability
  • Assuring that your home design and your budget are inline
  • Incorporating universal design elements to allow for aging-in-place
  • The interior designer has a clear pathway to make their selections.
  • Facilitating the civil and structural engineering process
  • Preparing submission packets for City Permitting and HOA Approval
  • The comprehensive bidding process has begun
  • Get an early start on any preconstruction tasks that don’t require a permit.

Remember that there are many things your custom builder must accomplish in the architectural design phase. Your builder will not only ensure that your design is in line with your budget but will also ensure that the home moves smoothly into the preconstruction and construction phases. Trust your builder to guide you through the process. You will find that custom home building can be enjoyable, creatively rewarding, collaborative, and fun.



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